March 19, 2017 marked a historic day for ParaSport Spokane as our DIII Adult team earned the title of  “Best of the West” in beating the DII Tacoma Titans in the Championship Game at West Seattle High School.

This was the first tournament championships for a ParaSport Spokane DIII Team.

The DIII Squad consisted of three adult age group athletes and seven athletes from the Junior A squad. This was the final tournament of the season for the DIII team.  The ParaSport Spokane Women’s team also played two games over the weekend to round out their season.

Congrats to all athletes and staff on a great team effort!

Tournament Record
Championship Game: ParaSport Spokane 58 / Tacoma Titans 56

DIII Pool Play: 2-2
ParaSport Spokane 57 / Seattle 26
ParaSport Spokane 42 / Portland 38
Tacoma Titans 64 / ParaSport Spokane 52
Team St. Luke’s 47 / ParaSport Spokane 46

Team Roster: 
Jackson Atwood
Kyle Bocook
Jordan Clyburn
Phillip Croft
Tyler Hinshaw
Krystle Horton
Michael Hoyt
Spencer Kimbro
Isaiah Rigo
Coach: Tomie Zuchetto



Women’s team: 0-2
Seattle Sonics 36 / ParaSport Spokane 2
Tacoma Lady Titans 26 / ParaSport Spokane 9
Team Roster: 
Jess Bellefeuille
Jordan Clyburn
Lauren Fields
Elizabeth Floch
Abbey Foster
Krystle Horton
Sophie Munter