With integrity, ParaSport Spokane will provide
training and competitive athletic opportunities
for youth and adults with physical disabilities
that promote success, self worth and independence.
ParaSport Spokane uses adaptive sports as a
catalyst for life.

We are a big believer in Character Building Through Sport. So much so that we have partnered with the Spokane Valley based organization called Partners Advancing Character Education (PACE) to promote their mission of “Bringing Character to Light!

Guided by the PACE Character Trait of the Month, we promote and integrate each trait into the activities of our organization.

Links to our Monthly Character Trait of the Month Story:


September -All it takes is a little RESPECT
August-GRATITUDE abounds at ParaSport Spokane
July -GENEROSITY is the currency of ParaSport Spokane
June-INTEGRITY is in everything
May-A fitting story about COURAGE
April-TRUSTWORTHINESS in a team setting
March-Doing our DILIGENCE
February -HONESTY with self above all
January-Coach Zuchetto puts FAIRNESS into practice at national level


December-Showing Sportsmanship through CARING
ParaSport Spokane Becomes PACE Partner, fitting, as the traits for October and November are RESPONSIBILITY and CITIZENSHIP

Other great news!

ParaSport Spokane Named as PACE Partner of the Month -March 2014