You have questions?
We will do our best to answer them! Here are a few of the frequently asked questions that we encounter.

  • How do I get involved in ParaSport Spokane?
    • To learn more contact our Executive Director Teresa Skinner (509)999-6466 or
    • Potential participants are encouraged to come see what we do. Our monthly practice schedule is posted on our Calendar Page
  • My child has a disability but doesn’t use a wheelchair, can they still participate?
    • Of course. There is a very wide variety of disability diagnoses which allow for participation within Paralympic Sport. Give us a call to find out!
  • Do we need to provide our own adaptive equipment?
    • If you have your own equipment, you are encouraged to use it. ParaSport Spokane provides access to equipment where possible and will help in seeking grant opportunities which provide equipment grants.
  • Is there a cost to participate?
    • This is a zero participation fee for service program. Costs may be incurred when athletes start to travel with our competitive teams. Financial hardship is not a limiting factor.
  • I know someone who may be interested in participating, what should I do?
    • Let us know who they are and how we can reach out to them, or to their parents.
  • How is this different than Special Olympics?
    • The Paralympic movement was created for persons with physical disabilities. Typically participants will not have a cognitive impairment.