The Partners Advancing Character Education (PACE) trait of the month is “Caring”.


With the wheelchair basketball season under way and our first two tournaments completed in the month of December, we have noticed our ParaSport Spokane athletes offering heaps of support to each other, showing kindness and being generally concerned for the welfare of others which are all characteristics of a caring individual.

Traveling on the road with a team requires lots of support to load and unload the trailer and to ensure that the team can move quickly as a group from the gate to the plane, from the hotel to the gym. On the way to the Seattle Jam tournament our team showcased their skills during a daylong demo for the staff and students at Chief Moses Middle School in Moses Lake. Everyone pitched in to make it a very successful day.

In sport, the term “sportsmanship” embodies a player with a caring nature. There is no greater accomplishment for an athlete to be recognized as a true “sportsman” by their peers. At the Junior Suns Regional tournament this past weekend in Arizona, Mike Lucas was honored with winning the Sportsmanship Award. Ten year old Mike, a prep aged player, was playing up with the Junior team and played his heart out on the court earning the respect of tournament organizers as well as the other eight teams at the tournament who bestowed this honor.

Congrats Mike, we are proud of you!

Mike Lucas with his Sportsmanship award.

Mike Lucas with his award.