Persistence, Dedication & Hard Work are all common descriptors of Diligence, the Partners Advancing Character Education (PACE) trait of the month.

For ParaSport Spokane athletes who competed at the West Coast Conference Championships, the diligence that they portrayed all season at practices and preparation tournaments paid off with a 2nd place finish. Going into the tournament, the team was ranked 6th and finished 2nd overall! A great success!

In preparation for the National Invitational Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Louisville, KY April 3-6, the topic of diligence is a pertinent one.  ParaSport Spokane has a diligence policy worked into team selection when considering which athletes will travel to away tournaments and meets.

The following tenets underpin the ParaSport Spokane Team Selection policy:
Athletes that show consistent Hard Work at practice.
Dedication in their school work.
And Persistence in both attending practices as well as improvement in skills.

In promoting sport as a Catalyst for Life, ParaSport Spokane’s coaching staff took great care in crafting the team selection policy and worked to closely align it with similar policies within the local school sports systems. Understanding that developing Athletes with Integrity is a precursor to developing stronger American Citizens through sport, ParaSport Spokane staff continually reinforce these values through consistent language, measured expectations and individualized approaches to each athlete.

Please feel free to share a story of a ParaSport Spokane Athlete showing diligence in their character in comments section below.