While Crypto-Currency is new to many people, it is a viable form of currency that ParaSport Spokane can utilize for the further expansion and development of Adaptive Sports Programs for youths and adults.

If you would like to make an anonymous donation, please use one of these Crypto-Currency addresses below:

BitCoin1NgWkzecApUoqiqUpGagwvJD45vb22g2dR          LiteCoin: LPacoXco6hghhQ2Eo2CQ6XZsMzhct3Td3S        FeatherCoin6zukhv1rtHant7xFPHDzxjQrARf2cZRqj1

If you would like to use another type of Crypto-Currency than the 3 listed above, please use the CoinPayments button below to make a donation with one of the accepted Crypto-Currencies:

BTC — Bitcoin
LTC — Litecoin
ADT — AndroidsToken
CAP — BottleCaps
CGB — CryptogenicBullion
DGC — DigitalCoin
DVC — Devcoin
FTC — Feathercoin
IFC — Infinitecoin
KGC — Krugercoin
MEC — Megacoin
NMC — Namecoin
NVC — Novacoin
ORB — Orbitcoin
PPC — Peercoin
QRK — Quark
RED — Redcoin
TRC — Terracoin
WDC — Worldcoin
XPM — PrimeCoin
YAC — YaCoin
ZET — Zetacoin


Thanks for supporting ParaSport Spokane with your Crypto-Currency donation!