Our programs are solely funded through generous donations, grants and corporate sponsorships. Every dollar spent will directly impact the quality of experience that we are able to offer. As our needs grow, we will express them on this section of the website, please Contact Us for more details or use the Donate Button Above.

We have out grown our indoor training site!

We are in dire need training space for our strength and conditioning program as well as storage space for our equipment. Ideally a site that is 2,500-5,000 square feet.

Ongoing Equipment Needs

  • tires -for basketball and racing wheelchairs
  • axels
  • strapping
  • tape
  • throwing implements
  • strength & conditioning weights, bands and gear
  • basketball hoops & basketballs
  • team competition and travel uniforms

Equipment trailer & vehicle

As our program quickly grows, we are seeing a need for a second trailer and a vehicle to tow it to competitions, events and practices.

  • An 8-15 passenger vehicle capable of pulling at 12′ trailer to tournaments in Seattle and Portland as well as hauling gear at least four days a week to ongoing practices.

Wheelchair racing chairs

Racing chairs can cost between $2,500 and $4,000 depending on athlete needs and chair design. It is anticipated that the program will need at least 5 new racing chairs for the 2015 season.

Throwing frames & platforms

Throwing frames are used by athletes to throw shot put, discus, javelin and the club. Frames are strapped or “tied down” to the platform so that the chair does not move while the athlete throw. Frames typically cost $700-$1,000 and it costs about $400 to build a platform.

Wheelchair basketball chairs

We are currently in need for a minimum of 5 new basketball chairs to service the need of our rapidly growing program. On average a basketball chair will cost $2,500.