The  Partners Advancing Character Education (PACE) Character trait of the month for June is Integrity.

A foundational tenet which underpin’s the values of ParaSport Spokane is the concept of integrity. In fact, the mission of ParaSport Spokane reads as follows:

With integrity, ParaSport Spokane will provide
training and competitive athletic opportunities
for youth and adults with physical disabilities
that promote success, self worth and independence.
ParaSport Spokane uses adaptive sports as a
catalyst for life.

For Teresa Skinner, Executive Director of ParaSport Spokane, the belief in the value of integrity is strong. “Integrity is  in everything…from the interaction between athletes & volunteers, to communication between athletes and coaches, honest and open communication, respect for other competitors, officials and above all instilling a belief in self and empowering human potential. It is powerful stuff. Sport is a phenomenal venue for this and ParaSport Spokane is blessed with the involvement of some great volunteers, coaches and board members who all believe in this.”

Consistency in behavior and actions, doing the right things versus the easy things, and being open and transparent are all values that ParaSport Spokane hold’s itself accountable to and promotes to its membership and community at large. For when we travel we represent Spokane and want to reinforce the positive aspects of the community. We also represent the population of citizens with physical disabilities and we want to challenge general perceptions and beliefs that others project onto this group. Finally, we realize the formative experiences that sport provides in shaping its participants in how they will live their lives long after their participation within this program.

As a result, ParaSport Spokane is growing a reputation as a fun, dynamic organization with respectful athletes that work hard, play with vigor and show a high level of sportsmanship. Want proof? Come on down and see our squad play in Hoopfest at the wheelchair basketball court at the corner of Bridge and Lincoln (link to Google Map), or pop by our car wash fundraiser at the corner of Mission and Greene between 12-4pm, this Saturday.