Partners Advancing Character Education (PACE) trait of the month for April is Trustworthiness.

Defined as, “Inspiring complete reliability and confidence in his/her truthfulness, integrity and discretion”, ParaSport Spokane’s athletes will be discussing what it means to be trustworthy throughout the month.

Many of the ParaSport Spokane athletes are tasked with sport homework from time to time, albeit in practicing shooting form and technique, doing mobility or strength & conditioning work at home on their own, or performing general maintenance on their track or basketball chair, they are given homework to ensure that they are ready for practice or games when the time arrives. The coaches and staff help the athletes understand the tasks assigned and then trust that they are doing what is asked of them.

Trust, in settings like this is built, the acronym DWYSYWD -“do what you say you will do” or doing what is asked of you, with consistency is a great mechanism for building trust.

A team is only as strong as it’s weakest link and moves only as fast as it’s slowest member when travelling to tournaments such as the NWBA Championship this week.  With lots of luggage, equipment and bodies to move, team travel can be a great undertaking and the team counts on all athletes to chip in where they are able and many do without even being asked. A true family, this team always has the collective group interest in mind. Those new to the program often remark about the culture of trust, like a family, that has been established with the program. This is something that the membership is very proud of.