The NWBA WCC Tournament is taking place this weekend in Denver!

ParaSport Spokane has two teams competing at the tournament.

Varsity “A” -Ranked #3
First Game -March 4 at 8:00am vs Phoenix Suns (6)
Varsity “B”-Ranked #10
First Game -March 4 at 8:00am vs Rancho Renegades (10)
Bracket is posted below (follow ParaSport Spokane Social Media Feeds for Updates)

Team Rankings

  1. Denver Nuggets
  2. Utah Rush
  3. Spokane “A”
  4. Seattle Jr. Sonics
  5. BORP Jr. Warriors
  6. Phoenix Suns
  7. Rancho Renegades
  8. Portland Jr. Wheel Blazers
  9. San Diego Hammer
  10. Spokane “B”

Tournament Location
Gold Crown Fieldhouse,
150 S. Harlan St., Lakewood, CO

WCCC Bracket